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The Prottar.com is a Questions & Answer based online forum with following terms and conditions.

Use of the Site

If you agree with the term of the Prottar.com, you can access the info and use the website but if you don’t agree, we would recommend you to not to use the site.

The site and its content are not meant for the under 13 of age, so those who are above 13 can use the website.

The Prottar.com can modify the terms and service anytime and they will be applied immediately, the users and visitor of the site requested to read the terms and policy from time to time. The use of site confirming that the visitor is accepting the term lay down by the site owner.

Copyright, Licenses, and Idea Submissions

The site is an open forum where an individual can register and share the views on the various subjects. To provide better content we continuously monitor and scan all the WebPages. Visitors cannot re-use the content of the site in anywhere on the internet without the permission of the Prottar.com. In such cases, you can contact us via Contact Page.

Similarly, if we found a user is violating the copyrights of the other website content providers, we will remove any such content without any prior notice to the user and also repeated posting of such material may force us to delete the account of such user without any prior notice.

All the content on the site posted by the individuals which will have their individual opinions. The site or it’s owner are not all responsible for any message put down on the site by the users. If someone has any issue with any content posted by the user, s/he may report to us by a report icon. We will review the content and take appropriate action within a stipulated time.

Answer to Questions

Apart from viewing information shared by others, the individuals can ask their own questions on the categories mentioned in the list. The Prottar.com doesn’t take any guarantee to provide an answer in stipulated time, however, if you use most correct category and tag, the probability of getting the will increase. We do not claim the correctness of each answer posted by the individuals.

Answer posted by individuals may have the links for the other websites, they are not under the control of Prottar.com and followed by their own terms and policy agreement. These are 3rd party links and don’t have any direct or indirect relations with the Prottar.com. If you take any service from these sites, the Prottar.com is not responsible for any loss of info, service or product issue or any other problem related to them.

Use of Password

The site content can be viewed by anyone, there is no restriction till they are accepting the term & policy of the site.

But if someone wants to put his views on concerns on the site, s/he needs to register on the website by creating a profile and password. The individuals will be responsible for their own password and the site Prottar.com doesn’t take any responsibility of Individual passwords.

Individual are requested to use a standard safety measure to keep the password secret and change the same time to time for security reasons. In the case of loss of password, you can reset it by then the procedure shown on the login page. A visitor also expected not to use the other credential for accessing the site or posting content on the website.

Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.

Contact Us

If any visitor or user of the site has any question regarding the terms and privacy policy, s/he can contact us via email id admin[@]prottar[dot]com or contact page. We welcome the individual comments, views, suggestions for improvements, any issue with the site on anything else which you want to share with us. We will try to respond as soon as possible on the availability of time.