Bonus Calculator 2019 for Indian Railways Employees

The government of India has officially announced on 18 September 2019, the 78 days salary as a Bonus to Indian Railways employees.

As per the government, around 11.5 Lakh Railways employee will get the benefit of the same.

Here I have prepared a simple calculator for finding the bonus amount for individual employees working in the department.

In the announcement made by the authorities, the total 2,024 Crore budget allocated for the productivity linked incentives.

As per the leading newspaper website, the total non-executive staff in the organization is around 11,52,000.

So if we divide the non-gazetted employee strength with the allocated amount, then each member will get around Rs 17,570/- as a Bonus amount for 2018-19.

Only Non-Gazetted staff of the organization is eligible for this perk.

You can verify this news the same from Business Today.

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