HRA rates in Haryana for government employees after 7th CPC

The Finance Department of the Government of Haryana released the revised HRA rates through office order No. 4/2/2017-5FR(FD) dated 30th July 2019 at Chandigarh.

The revised house rent allowances rates will be applicable from the first August 2019. The rate table is similar to the central govt employees.

The Government of Haryana has classified the towns into types named X, Y, and Z.

The state govt employees posted in the Gurgaon and Faridabad get the HRA as per 16% per month.

As per the finance department order, the tri-city (Chandigarh, Mohali, and ) will be considered as a single entity, and the HRA rates for these towns is 16% of basic pay.

City Class HRA Rates Population
X 24% 50 Lakh or More
Y 16% Between 5 to 50 Lakh
Z 8% Less than 5 Lakh

Haryana City Classification for HRA Purpose

City Type Name of City
X Nill
Y Faridabad (M. Corpn.)
Gurgaon (UA)
Z Remaining Cities

The state government employees who want to calculate the monthly HRA benefits corresponding to their post and pay matrix level. They can check the same by entering the current basic pay in the following formula.

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