What is the Travelling Allowances rates after 7th CPC?

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What is the Travelling Allowances on Official Tour or Training via Road, Train, and River Streamers in 7th Pay Commission?

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Entitlements for Journeys on Tour or Training

Travel within the Country

Level Air Travel Entitlement On Train Tavel
Pay level 14 and above Business/ Club Class First AC allowed
Pay level 12 & 13 Economy Class First AC allowed
Pay level 6 to 11 Economy Class Second AC allowed
Pay level 5 and below NA AC Chair car/ 3rd AC allowed

Entitlement for the Journey in the Premium/ Premium Tatkal/ Suvidha/ Shatabdi/ Rajdhani/ Duranto Train will be as under

Pay Level Entitlements
12 & Above Executive / AC 1st Class (Premium/ Premium Tatkal/ Suvidha/ Shatabdi/ Rajdhani/ as per available highest Class)
6 to 11 AC 2nd Class / Chair Car (In Shatabdi Trains)
5 & Below AC 3rd Class / Chair Car

International Travel Entitlement

Level Entitlement
17 & Above First Class
14 to 16 Business / Club Class
13 & Below Economy Class

Road journey allowance by kilometer /mileage

Level Entitlements
Pay level 14 or above Public AC bus fare or AC taxi fare at prescribed rate OR

Own car/autorickshaw /bike at prescribed rates OR

As prescribed rates for auto rickshaw for Journey by Rickshaw, own car, scooter, motorcycle, Moped etc.

Pay level 6 to 13 same as level 14, but AC taxi not allowed
Pay level 4 and 5 Own vehicle at the prescribed rate/ public NON AC bus fare
Pay level 3 or below Non AC public bus fare OR

by own  auto rickshaw/motorcycle/ two-wheeler at the prescribed rate

In case the place has no rate prescribed by concerned state/ neighboring state director of transport, the following default rate applies

Road journey by taxi or own car Rupees 24 per kilometer
Journey by road by own two-wheeler or auto rickshaw Rupees 12 per kilometer

Daily allowance on tour for duty or training

Level Entitlement
Pay Level 14 & above Accommodation @ Rupees7500 per day and AC Taxifare actual with food bill up to 1200 Rupees
Pay Level 12, 13 Accommodation max Rs4500 per day, AC taxi for 50 km, food bill Rs 1000
Pay Level 9, 10, 11 accommodation Rs 2250 food bill Rs 900, ac taxi Rs 338
Pay Level 6, 7, 8 Accommodation max Rs750, food bill Rs 800, taxi non air condition Rs225
Pay Level 5 and below Accommodation: Rs 450 per day food bill500, taxi non AC Rs113

(Pay level 8 or below:  vouchers not required)

Download Travelling Allowance Order PDF

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