What is the Railway Senior Section Engineer Salary after 7th CPC?

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Asked on September 14, 2018 8:52 am
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The Senior Section Engineer is a directly recruited Class-III post for the graduate engineer in the Indian Railways. The 6th Pay scale for the SSE cadre is 9,300 - 34,800 with Grade Pay of 4,600 and same has been upgraded recently to new revised basic pay of 44,900 immediately appointment in the cadre.

Railway SSE Salary in hand

Here is the detail of Pay structure to the RRB SSE post.

Component Value
Cadre Class-III (Non-Gazetted)
Level 7
Old Pay Scale 9,300 - 34,800 Grade Pay 4,600
Revised Basic Pay 44,900
Min. Gross Pay Per Month Rs 63,000/- (Approx)

The total monthly salary of a newly recruited Engineer would be Rupees 63,000/- per month without any deductions (TAX, PF, others etc). Except for the Govt TAX deductions, all other amount is spent on employee facility or deposited into his PF, Policy, and Pension which can be withdrawn at the later stage as per the individual acts or rules.

The Junior Engineer also get the opportunity to become SSE through the departmental competitive examination, the salary of such promoted officers might be more as compared to the salary explained above.


  • Cashless medical Facility for the Employee and family members
  • Lower interest Loan for the House purchase, Vehicle, Computer etc.
  • Children Education Allowance
  • Railway Employees Insurance Scheme
  • Festival Advances in case of need
  • Holiday Homes (These are a kind of Railway owned guest house built to stay for the Railway employees during vacation. Most of Holiday homes are situated in the tourist places across the Country.)


As the Senior Section Engineer is a Class-III job, hence they need to appear again Limited Departmental Competitive Examination to get promotion in the next cadre that is Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADEN).

The minimum year service requirement for the 1st promotion by the LDCE is 2 Years. But in general, it takes more years due to less number of vacancy at higher cadre and the low frequency of the LDCE exams.

Overall Senior Section Engineer is one of most secure job in the government department with a decent pay structure and lots of facilities.

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Answered on October 12, 2018 3:27 pm
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