What is the NTPC Diploma Trainee Salary in hand after 7th CPC?

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  • What is the NTPC Diploma Trainee Salary in hand after 7th CPC?
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I want to know about Junior Engineer Salary structure in the National Power Thermal Corporation after the 7th Pay Commission?

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The national thermal power generation company, the largest electricity producer company in Asia, hires a diploma engineer on the W7 pay scale 15500-34500.

The Maharatna Company every year announce the Recruitment of vacant positions for Diploma Trainee who work as Assistant Supervisor of Grade I in the power plants located in the various regional offices of Patna, Lucknow, Secunderabad, Mumbai, and Chattisgarh.

Those who selected for the Diploma Engineer post, they have to complete two years of classroom and on the job training. After successful completion of Training, these candidates get appointed as Diploma Engineers or Assistants Grad-I In the salary range of 15,500-34,500.

NTPC Diploma Trainee salary

As I have already indicated, the pay scale for graduate students is 15,500-34,500. The initial basic pay after the appointment is Rs 15,500. They also receive the Dearness Allowances, EPF, Superannuation contribution and other benefits as per applicability. The complete salary distribution of the Diploma Engineers explained here.

Salary Component Value (in Rs)
Post Name Diploma Trainee
Pay Scale 15,500-34,500/-
Basic Pay 15,500/-
DA 21,454/-
Other Allowances 7,285/-
Superannuation Benefits (Pension +Fund + PRMB) 11,086/-
Gross Salary Per Month 55,325/-

A newly recruited candidate receive a gross salary of approximately Rs 55,325/- per month. In addition to this salary, they are also eligible for the following benefits:

  • Leave the travel concessions.
  • All India LTC
  • Free medical service or refund on medical expenses.
  • Completely Furnished House
  • School facility for children.
  • Subsidized Canteen Facility
  • Self Contributory Superannuation Benefit Fund
  • Performance Related Payment

7th CPC for trainees graduated from NTPC

 NTPC is a government-owned company and does not follow the CDA Pay Pattern hence the 7th CPC is not applicable to NTPC employees. There is a separate pay revision which applies to PSU employees and commonly known as the PRC (Pay Revision Committee).

The Govt of India recently implemented the 3rd PRC for the board level and below board level executives of the PSUs. NTPC also passed the order for the same on 28.05.2018. After this salary revision, the revised basic pay for the Diploma Engineers will get increased by 15%.

Promotion and professional growth

Diploma trainees get the workman grade of the W7 pay scale in Worker class after the appointment, which is also equivalent for the operator Grade-I/Technician Grade-I/ Draughtsman Grade-I/ Assistant Grade-I.

After the first promotion, the Grade & Pay Scale gets upgraded to W8 and the name of the position becomes Master Technician Grade-II / Master Draughtsman Grade-II. Here is the list of Diploma Trainee level, pay scales, and post name.

Scale Code Pay Scale (Rs.) Representative Designation
W7 15500-34500 Operator Gr.I/Technician Gr.I/ Draughtman Gr.I/Asstt. Gr.I
W8 16000-35500 Sr. Technician/Sr .Draughtsman Sr.Assistant.
W9 17000-37000 Master Technician Gr.II
W10 18500-40000 Master Technician Gr.I
W11 20000-42500
SG 20500-44500 Selection Grade ( the selection grade has come into force with effect from 25.1.2001)
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  • What is the NTPC Diploma Trainee Salary in hand after 7th CPC?

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