What is the KMML Junior Operator Trainee & Technician salary in hand?

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  • What is the KMML Junior Operator Trainee & Technician salary in hand?
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Asked on September 20, 2018 5:23 pm
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The Kerala Mineral & Metals Corporation is chemical sector company which produces the Titanium Dioxide and other by-products along with it. The Government Company is established in the year of 1932 by a businessman. In 1956, the company acquired by the Industries Department of Kerala Government.

The Company has recently floated the recruitment process for the post of Junior Operator Trainee, Jr. Boiler cum Utility Operator, Technician (Fitter, Electrical, Instrumentation, & Pipe Fabricator), Chargeman, Khalasi, and Driver post in the Company.

As per the official advertisement, the pay scale for all of the posts are the same 21,580 - 730 - 24,500 - 830 - 29,840 - 970 - 34,330 - 1,120 - 39,930 - 1,270 - 50,090 - 1,410 - 55,730.

Candidates who have applied for the following post, have to for a classroom as well as on the job training of one-year duration.

  1. Junior Operator Trainee
  2. Junior Boiler Cum Utility Operator Trainee
  3. Jr Chargeman Stores Trainee
  4. Junior Technician Trainee ( Fitter, Pipe Fabricator, Electrical, and Instrumentation)

During the training, the Kerala Mineral & Metals Corporation provides a fixed monthly stipend of 10,000 per month.

After the successful training, they will be appointed for the post they were recruited for the company.

Salary in hand after the appointment

Component Amount
Basic Pay 21,580
DA+HRA+EPF+Allowances 10,800
Gross Salary in Rupees 32,380

For the remaining posts listed below, candidates will directly be appointed in the same pay scale with starting basic of 21,580. So they also get the same gross pay of 32,380 per month after the regular service in the KMML.

  • Junior Technician Mason
  • Jr Khalasi
  • Jr Driver (Fire Tender)
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Answered on September 20, 2018 5:38 pm