What is the Job Profile of NTPC Diploma Trainee?

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The Diploma Trainee works directly under the Engineer and they may have different job profiles according to their specialization.

NTPC Diploma Trainee Job Profile & Duties


The candidates usually work in the mechanical maintenance department of a Power Plant. Their main task is to provide the round the clock smooth availability of all mechanical equipment installed in the power generation units. Some common types of mechanical equipment are manual valves, pumps, hoses, turbines, bearings, etc.


These Candidates generally assigned to the electrical maintenance section in the NTPC. Their main task is to install, maintain and repair electrical equipment such as electric motors, lighting systems, transformers, cables, switching equipment, busbars, surge protectors, isolators, relays, etc.

C & I

Candidates from the electronic and instrumentation branch get posted in this position. They are responsible for the installation and repair of electronic equipment, such as the Temperature Guage,  Pressure Gauge, the flow meter, the level controller, the sensors and, distribution control systems.


These graduates are generally assigned to coal mines under the direct control of NTPC.

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