what is the gross salary of CPCL(group company of IOCL) Grade A Engineer?

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  • what is the gross salary of CPCL(group company of IOCL) Grade A Engineer?
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Asked on October 5, 2018 3:29 pm


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I think you have the plan to apply for the Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited and you might have some confusion about the salary and other details. If we check the annual turnover of this Company which is around Rs 44,135 Crore. This amount is really huge and many Navratna Enterprises don't have such high turnover.

The CPCL is a profit making Company and it has implemented the 3rd PRC for the executives and engineers. The revised pay scale of newly recruited is 60,000 - 1,80,000. The Salary breakup of freshly appointed engineers is shown here

Component Salary
Grade Group A
Pay Scale 60,000 - 1,80,000
Basic pay 60,000
DA+Perk+EPF 48,240
Mini Gross Pay per Month 1,08,240

The above salary doesn't include the HRA, Medical Facility, Superannuation Benefits etc as these allowances are not paid directly to the employees. Those who take Company accommodations, they don't get House Rent Allowance on the Salary.

Under the Medical Facility, the employee and his/her dependents are covered and all medical expenditure borne by the Company in the case of outdoor or indoor medical treatment.

Superannuation benefit is deposited by the company to Employee's retiral benefit policy account. The ceiling of Superannuation benefits is 30% of Basic Pay plus DA.

Apart from above Engineers will also get LTC, and fuel compensation allowances as per the Company rules.

As the post is Group A (Class -I) type hence promotion opportunities will be more and the top performer could reach up to the highest level of the post in the Company.

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Answered on October 5, 2018 3:59 pm

thank you so much sir.. i have one more doubt… i am very confident to clear written exam with more marks.. but fear to my interview.. because communication skill is worst.. is there any cutoff marks for interview?

( at October 5, 2018 4:16 pm)

Yes, there are always the cut-off marks for the interview but fearing to make the situation worse. The Interviewer at the CPCL side is for recruiting the talent not to reject. You should be natural at the time of the interview, a little fear or nervousness is ok and everyone has the same feeling at the time of personal interview. You should keep calm and listen to the interviewer question with patience. You also speak clearly and with a sense of positiveness. I suggest you write down common questions and prepare answers yourself and write them on paper, discuss these answers with your friends. It will boost your confidence.

( at October 6, 2018 11:10 am)