What is Delhi Police Constable salary after 7th CPC?

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Does anyone know about the salary and pay structure of constable posted in Delhi police department?

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Asked on May 8, 2019 10:09 pm


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The Delhi Police constables have a higher responsibility than any other state police in India due to the capital of our country. They need to work round the clock for the safety of public and eminent person holding the key post in government.

Let's come to our main agenda point and we will try to find out the salary in hand for the Delhi Police constable.

The Constable is a class-III post with pay scale of 21,700 - 69,100 and the entry pay for the fresh candidates at this post will be Rs 21,700.

Similarly, Head Constable is a group-C cadre post with 7th CPC pay scale of 25,500 - 81,100.

Delhi Police Salary in Hand

Component Constable Head Constable
Post Type Group C/ Class - III
Pay Matrix Level Level - 3 Level - 4
Pay Scale 21,700 - 69,100 25,500 - 81,100
7th CPC Entry Pay 21,700/- 25,500/-
DA 2,604 3,060
HRA 5,208 6,120
Total Salary Per Month Rs. 29,512/- Rs. 34,680/-

So a police Constable and Head Constable in the Delhi Police would get the approximate salary of Rs 29,512/-  and Rs 34,680/- per month respectively after joining the department.

Facility and Allowances

  • Metropolitan Allowance
  • Night Patrolling Allowance
  • Training Allowance
  • Kit Maintenance Allowances
  • Uniform Allowance
  • Washing Allowance
  • Ration Allowance
  • Commando Allowance
  • Conveyance Allowance
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