What are the pay scales in the NTPC for engineers?

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NTPC is a Maharatna PSU organization and the largest Coal based power producer in India. What is the salary structure in the National Thermal Power Corporation for the executive trainees and what is their promotional hierarchy in the company.

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National Thermal Power Corporation Recruits Graduate Engineers for the post of Executive Trainee to work in the lower Management cadre post in the organization. The pay scale for the young engineers will be 60,000 - 1,80,000/- after the implementation of 3rd PRC in theĀ  NTPC.

The following table represents the engineers level, post name, and corresponding pay scale in the NTPC from 01.01.2017.

Grade/ Level Post Name Pay Scale
E1 Engineer/Officer 50,000 - 1,60,000
E2 Executive Trainee/ Assistant Manager 60,000 - 1,80,000
E3 Deputy Manager/ Deputy Superintendent 70,000 - 2,00,000
E4 Manager/ Superintendent 80,000 - 2,20,000
E5 Senior Manager/ Senior Superintendent 90,000 - 2,40,000
E6 Deputy General Manager 1,00,000 - 2,60,000
E7 Additional General Manager 1,20,000 - 2,80,000
E8 General Manager 1,20,000 - 2,80,000
E9 Executive Director 1,50,000 - 3,00,000

If you want to know the Executive Trainee detailed Salary, I would suggest visiting the following link.

NTPC Executive Trainee Salary

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