Share the details of NHPC ltd salary after training ?

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Nhpc salary n allowances after 3rd prc ?

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Asked on April 21, 2019 12:36 pm


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The NHPC Ltd Graduate Engineer Trainee Salary structure already explained in the following page of the website. You can visit the page.

NGPC Graduate Engineer Trainee Salary

Let's see the details once again here

Pay Scale 60,000 -1,80,000
Initial Basic Pay Rs 60,000
DA Amount Rs 5,280
Perk (Maximum Amount) Rs 21,000
Superannuation Fund (Provident Fund+Post Retirement Medical Benefit+Gratuity+Pension) 19,584
Performance Linked Pay (Maximum Amount) 24,000
Gross Salary Per Month (Maximum) 1,29,864

The maximum gross salary for the newly recruited engineer would be Rs 1,29,864 per month. The superannuation benefit amount gets deposited in the retirement fund and employee will get the same in terms of pension, fund and medical reimbursement after leaving the service of the company.

Also, 12% of employee's contribution will also be deposited in EPF amount. And income tax also gets deducted as per the government rules.

Hence salary in hand = 1,29,864 - 19,584 - 7,834 - Income Tax (Approx Rs 9,000)

= Rs 93,446/-

So newly recruited Graduate engineer trainee in the NHPC Ltd would salary of Rs 93,446 per month after the regular appointment in the service.

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Answered on April 21, 2019 3:08 pm