FCI Managers vs SBI PO which one is a better job for graduates?

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The SBI Probationary officers 2019 recruitment is going on, and the FCI recently come up with the Manager post vacancy for the Graduates.

I want to know which job seems better between these two for career growth.

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Asked on September 28, 2019 6:32 am


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SBI is the biggest public sector bank in India. It has a presence in most os parts of the country.

Food Corporation of India operates and manages depot for national food security. It purchases the food grain items from the farmers and distributes through suppliers as per government directions.

Both are really big organizations and every graduate want to be a part of them.

Those who are indecisive about them. I will explain everything here in detail.

Lets first check quick comparison between these two.

SBI PO vs FCI Manager Job

Post Name SBI PO FCI Manager
Post Cadre Officer Officer
Work Type Office Job Only Office/Desk Job
Promotions Smooth Smooth
Posting Location Anywhere (Urban Or Rural) City Only
Company Position Financially Strong Financially Sound
Pay Revision In Process Already Implemented
Pay Revision Frequency Once in Five Years Once in 10 Years
Pay Scale 23700 - 42020 40,000 - 1,40,000/-
Monthly Payment SBI Probationary Officer Salary FCI Manager Salary
Facility Best Better

The pay revision for the FCI employees already implemented but SBI staff need to wait for some more time.

The State Bank of India PO gets posting even in the rural areas, whereas the FCI Managers get posted up to district headquarters.

If we compared facilities available to officers in both organizations, the SBI looks impressive.

I think, on the basis of the above comparison, you can decide the best organization according to your career goals.

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Answered on September 29, 2019 6:15 am

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