Between SBI PO/Clerk, and EPFO Assistant, which is the best?

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I want to ask the following questions about the EPFO Assistant Job.

  • Are EPFO Assistant and SBI PO same level of Job?
  • Are EPFO Asst and SBI Junior Associate similar type of job?
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Asked on July 24, 2019 9:37 pm


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A few days back one of my friends asked the same question. The persons, who know the government officers cadre hierarchy and the ranking system, they can easily tell you the answer to it.

It may be difficult to find out the exact post level of each position for an applicant based on the official advertisement.

Let's check and compare each post based on the following points.

SBI Clerk/ Junior Associates SBI Probationary Officer EPFO Assistant
Job Type Banking Banking Central Government
Job Security High High Highest
Post Type Group C Equivalent Group A Equivalent Group B
Post Cadre Non-Executive Managerial Officer
Pay Scale 11,700 -31,350/- 23,700 - 42,020/- 44,900 - 1,42,400/-
Entry Pay 13,075/- 27,620/- 44,900/-
Total Salary Check Here Check Here Visit Here
Facility Better Best Good
Promotion Opportunities Fast Fast Comparatively Slow

Based on the above, one can easily conclude that the SBI Probationary Officer is best among all three posts stated here.  SBI offers better pay, quick promotions, lots of facilities to their officers as compared to the EPFO Assistant post.

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Answered on July 25, 2019 7:17 am

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